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TriCare will cover breast pumps??

With the new law, has anyone heard an update on where TriCare stand with providing breast pumps? The law is in effect as of today (08/01/2012). I am reading so many articles regarding how it works for private insurance. We all know TriCare is a special...

 Please share any news... thanks.

Re: TriCare will cover breast pumps??

  • I found this on the Tricare website. It implies that they're not changing anything. They have not changed their page about breast pumps (here), and the page indicates that it was updated today (Aug 1st).

    So my interpretation is that the answer is still no.

    There were at least two posts about this recently, so look for those posts to see if someone has heard otherwise.

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  • I'm curious to find out as well! They might have something out about this soon because I'm sure a lot of women have the same question. I think Tricare might be exempt because it said the law applies to new policies and for old policies it only take affect once yours renews. Does Tricare ever renew or is it just continuous coverage?
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  • In all honesty, your best bet is just to call them. As fun as it is, it's the only way to get a definite answer.

    It took them a while to insitute the Young Adult Program, so I'm sure any changes will take some time.

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  • This question has been asked so many times lately. Check old posts. The base I am at has a program that provides pumps through the CDC. Check with your base, it's not tricare but a separate program. 
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  • I was told at Tripler (in Hawaii) that Tricare is covering a pump so that I only have to pay $150 for a $300 pump. 

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  • I'll be delivering at Tripler, we're only 6 weeks how is the OG/GYN there?
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  • I had my baby 6 months ago and TriCare covered the pump for me.

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  • imagejackiea82:

    I had my baby 6 months ago and TriCare covered the pump for me.


    jackiea82 - Did you have problems with latching or have a rx written? Or did they just outright cover it just because? That's awesome if so!

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