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Proud of Dh & his choice

Dh has been in the army for 10.5 yrs and was thinking of getting out in 2014. I didn't think that was a good plan for our family with the economy and jobs the way they are. I kept this thought to myself because I believe in being supportive of my H. For some reason I woke up today in the mindset of trying to put a strict financial plan together outside of the one we already have to eliminate/reduce financial struggle when he got out. I feel that it was all God because this afternoon Dh skyped me and out of no where said "Babe I decided to stay in and just make the army a career because I feel that it is what is best for my family." I couldn't believe it!! I responded by asking what brought this idea about. He said "I know what it's like to struggle financially and that's not what I want for my family. We have been fortunate to live comfortably over the last few years and I want to continue to do so for you and our son." My H made me proud in the past but I must say that today I am very proud of the decision he made because it was all about viewing our family as a unit and doing what is best for the unit and not worrying only about self. Before we got off skype he told me that for his personal mission he is in search of perfection. In my eyes he is already the perfect husband and father. Dh continues to strengthen his relationship with God and constatntly prays for leadership to become a better husband and great father. I love the man he was but I am proud of and love the man he has become even more. I feel that he has finally got what women knew and have been doing for years (making sacrifices and putting their family needs first). Thanks for listening.

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Re: Proud of Dh & his choice

  • That is wonderful!!!!

    We have been in for 14 years now and it makes me sick to think of getting out. He was enlisted for 6 years and we decided to get out. It was such an eye-opener of how much better we have it IN the military. He decided to go back in and commission this time. So happy we did. We will be in for 20+ and I love every minute of it.

    Of course there are pros and cons but it comes with the territory.

    Congrats on your (his) decision!!!!!!!!!

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