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Legal Proxy?

So by  now you all know I am a dirty sinner and am having a baby out of wedlock Indifferent  I know shocking LOL anyway since my fianc? and I will not be legally married when the baby comes does anyone know what I have to do so that he makes any health care decisions if I am unable?  I think it?s called a health care proxy or something.  Also where I go to get this taken care of, the hospital? An attorney?   My fianc? will be the only one in the room for me and I don?t want anyone making the call if something happens to me.  I know it?s a morbid way to think but I think it?s best to be prepared.

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Re: Legal Proxy?

  • In California the hospital told me it was an Advanced Healthcare Directive.  I am married, and they still suggested that I get one just to be sure DH had all the say.
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  • in NY I think its still called a Health Care Proxy and I would call the Hospital and see how to handle it. You may have to get something notarized as well.
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  • I have a form for a Medical Power of Attorney and for a Directive to Physician that I could email you if you want to leave or PM me your email. I am an attorney, but this isnt intended as legal advice, and my DH and I use these same 2 forms. They just require 2 witnesses each, no notary I believe. I can send them to you tomorrow so you get an idea of what they entail, if you want. 
  • Here the hospital has copies of the form that is used in this state. I just called and they sent us copies. Ours is notary plus witnesses. It does say you don't have to use that form but that one is guaranteed to work here or whatever. 


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  • This is interesting because at our childbirth class we were told because we are pregnant that they legally have to do everything possible if the baby is still alive so the paperwork really doesn't matter. So regardless of what I may want, if the baby can make it, they'll do whatever it takes. 
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  • It's called a medical proxy. In Ca, you simply fill out the paperwork at your hospital. I have one (thanks to a heart condition-all cardiac patients must have a medical proxy on file with my hospital group) but it is not my husband. Additionally, during l&d he gets to make all the decisions concerning the baby anyways (if you are unable to) as he is the father. In your situation they probably offer a medical proxy paper so that you can appoint a 3rd party if you choose to. 

    In my case, in the event I cannot make decisions this is what would happen: my proxy would get to make decisions concerning me and DH gets to make decisions concerning our child.  


  • Samk I guess i am not as good at bumping as i though.  I dont know how to send you a message, but you can e-mail me at [email protected]   Thank you so much!!!!
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