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Varying absorbency?

I own 9 fuzzibunz size small pocket diapers. They were all bought at the same time but are now being used to diaper their 3rd kid. I've noticed that some of them seem to still be super absorbent and other seem to leak straight thru the moment DS pees. All were stripped prior to use with this baby, anyone have any ideas what is going on and how to fix it? or should I just call the offending diapers worn out and get rid of them?
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Re: Varying absorbency?

  • Where are they leaking from?  You may need to re-seal the PUL if you are starting to get hairline cracks in the PUL.  If they are actually delaminated they can't be fixed (although you could use them as swim diapers).

    If they are leaking out of the legs, your inserts may be worn out. Try new inserts.

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  • It's the PUL leaking (wetness is coming from the center of the diaper) how do I re-seal or figured out if it's delaminated?
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