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Confused by Car Seat

I bought the Safety 1st Sleek Travel LX travel system.  The car seat has what the manufacturer calls a "2 level indicator" to let you know if the the car seat is installed right.  It has 2 settings, 4 -11 lbs and 11 -35 lbs.  I can't figure out how to get it situated so that the little ball sits in the 11 -35 lb range. It seems to me that the car seat only fits into the base so that the indicator is at 4-11 lbs.  Does anyone else have this car seat?  What am I missing?

Re: Confused by Car Seat

  • I don't know about that specific carseat, but you may need to put something at the back of the auto car seat underneath the carseat base to help level it, since a lot of auto seats are at an angle. A rolled up towel or a piece of a pool noodle work well.


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  • Honestly, I would make an appointment to meet with a certified carseat tech for that kind of question. I met with one before having my first. He praised me for my seat being in 100% correctly (which they apparently almost never see) and then went over ins and outs and tips for when the baby outgrew the infant seat so I would know how to install anything I got correctly.
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  • The seat will only click into the base one way. It sounds like you need to adjust the base so the angle of the seat changes. There should be an adjustment mechanism on the base itself. Check the car seat manual for how to do it. The 4-11lb range is a more reclined setting used for newborns and the higher range probably just adjusts the seat so it sits more upright. The more upright setting isn't appropriate until the baby has head control.  
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