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Moby is under $30 - should I get it?

I have a baby bjorn (gift from my mom to DH) but it hurts my back. I am thinking about getting this moby on Amazon because it is so cheap. Those of you who have one and are using it - do you like it? Is it easy enough to figure out? We have so much baby stuff, I don't want anything that will sit in a corner. Thanks!
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Re: Moby is under $30 - should I get it?

  • I've heard it's nice and soft while wearing, I have this one but have never used it and I'm actually going to be listing it for sale if you're interested. It's brand new but out of the little storage bag, still have the instruction booklet.
  • THat is a steal.  I just paid $45 for mine.  The woman at the store showed me how to wrap it once. After that it took 2-3 tries on my own to get it not too tight and not too loose.  So the learning curve was not too bad at all.  I wore DD at a party for 1.5 hours and she slept the entire time.  I found it to be extremely comfortable.
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  • I love my Moby, and it makes carrying LO a breeze.  It took me a few tries before I felt comfortable putting it on, but now I can get it on and get LO in it in less than a minute.  One downside is that wearing it can get very hot in the summer.  LO and I usually end up pretty sweaty if it's warm outside.
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  • I love my Moby!  I have a baby bjorn, too, and while it doesn't hurt to wear, my torso is so short that I can barely see over the top of it.  With the Moby you can adjust where the baby sits on you, and I like that.  I watched the tutorials on their website and figure it out just fine on my own, so all the reviews that talk about how it's impossible to get on are, in my opinion, a bit exaggerated.  It can get a little hot, but when the baby is insisting on being held either way, I'll take a little temperature discomfort for the use of my hands!
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  • I hated the Moby and just sold it. It's such a hassle to tie and untie - even if you become a pro at it, it still takes time and is very cumbersome.
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