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Opinion: Commercial Diapers Vs. WAHM Diapers

While creeping on this site and building my stash, I've found that a lot of moms cloth their babies in brands such as Fuzzibunz, RAR's, Kissa's, BG's ect and more commercial type of CD. And it seems that when someone new asks about CD those are usually the ones that everyone prefers or suggests.

Now, I need to say that I have not yet done ANY cloth diapering - but I have purchased WAHM diapers -  Ragababe, Goodmamma, Mutts and Little Bopper CD for my baby and I have compared them to some of the other commercial types of CD that I have bought, and the WAHM quality of the seams and the fabric is hands down superior.  

 Now, lets get to my real question - do most moms go with the more commercial diaper because it's less expensive and easier to obtain than these fancier WAHM diapers? Or is it just that once you find a diaper that you love and works great for your baby that you just stick with that and know that's what works best? 

Either way this isn't a "right or wrong" and it's not a "bashing" but I'm just interested to see what people think about this topic. I have a mix of both kinds of diapers to try out for my baby but I would like to hear what everyone thinks! 


Re: Opinion: Commercial Diapers Vs. WAHM Diapers

  • For me it's a combo of cost and diapering preference. I have neither the desire nor the budget for a stash full of WAHM fitteds.

    I have 3 WAHM (Monkey Snuggles) fitteds that I love for overnight. They are great quality and have been a wonderful addition to my stash. During the day, however, I prefer a trimmer diaper and use PFs/covers or pockets.

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  • For us, it is because the super cheap pockets we use work just fine.  I see no reason to spend more. 
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  • I'm cheap, so cheap I sew my own.... not sure were that puts me.
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  • I have a mix -- I have commercial diapers because they're easy to obtain and cheaper, and I have WAHM fitteds because they're better quality, and more absorbent.

    Also, WAHM fitteds are really bulky before baby gets mobile. I don't mind, I find it adorable, but some people prefer to put their LO's in trimmer diapers.


    ETA: Re- recommendations, I recommend things like BumGenius to newbies, because if I say "Hey, you should try Twinkie Tush" and they realize that's a $35 diaper that you have to stalk, they're going to look at me like I have 8 heads and ask what stalking is. A diaper's a diaper to a non-addict.

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  • My stash is about 50/50.  I tend to buy commercial for the deals (like free diapers), or for covers.

    I prefer WAHM fitteds.  It's hard to find AIOs though, and we aren't really a pocket family.

    I like to buy a diaper used first to see if I like the fit before I buy more.  It's easier to buy commercial brands used.  I tend to recommend commercial brands to newbies because they are easier to find/buy.

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  • We really only use WAHM diapers. (Fitteds and wool) Every now and then I throw him in a pocket or BGE. (If we are going out somewhere for a while.) When we start daycare or my MIL watches him, he will use cheap pockets. Because I don't care what happens to those.

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  • My stash is 50/50. It is easier to send commercial pockets to day care and we use more of the WAHM diapers at home. Also, as others have mentioned there is the cost factor to consider and ease of availability for commercial diapers.
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  • All of my WAHM-made AIOs & AI2s wick/leak very quickly. They're so cute but we can only use them for play in the house. For going out or ON we use pockets - BG, Kawaii, RAR. The commercially made dipes are the only ones that are bulletproof for us.

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