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Sleep schedule help-10/11 weeks

My son is sleeping pretty well at night, going to bed between 8-9 and waking between 3 and 4, then again at 6ish. During the day though, he is on a consisten schedule, but it seems like he should be sleeping more and eating less!

He wil wake up, eat, play, then nap. His total wake time is about 1 hour and 15-30 min, and naps are about 30-45 minutes... and then he wakes up and is dying to eat again! He is eating pretty much every two hours on the dot, and wants 4-5 ounces each time. I prepare 5 ounces in case wants more, but usually only eats 4. I can sometimes get an hour to hour and a half nap, but that is NOT the norm. 

He used to take naps that were longer, but starting at 8ish weeks, he gradually decreased and is now taking only the short ones! 

He is 10 weeks (almost 11)..... am I doing something wrong?! 

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Re: Sleep schedule help-10/11 weeks

  • My lo eats a little less often- around every 3 ours but otherwise has the exact same sleep schedule as yours.  He was sleeping better but lately it's just the cat naps.
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  • I breastfeed, but other that my LO is doing pretty much exactly the same as yours.  They won't consolidate their naps until about 4 months old.  I can't wait to get to that long afternoon nap!
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  • I do get one pretty long nap in the afternoon, but we are also up a couple times a night for feedings.  Your LO may need to eat that often during the day in order to only get up once throughout the night.
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  • We are on the same schedule. DD has always eaten every 2 hours, but was taking nice naps up until a few weeks ago. Now I am lucky to get an hour. I think it is common for this age!
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  • If he is eating, then he is likely hungry and the frequency doesn't sound abnormal or anything. If you want to see if he can catch some more sleep, you could try cutting back on his wake time a bit -- sometimes even 10 minutes makes a difference. My LO was struggling a bit with 45 min naps so I now put her down after an hour or so and it helped a lot. 

    Also, when she wakes up after a "shorter" nap, I do try and settle her back down. But if it doesn't work pretty quickly, then I feed her. 

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