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Moms or Moms to be in Franklin County?

Hey all, this is my first post over here, came across this site doing a bit of Googling! 

Im moving to the Franklin County area within the next few months (Definitely by Black Friday if ive got anything to do with it!) from England where i was born and my daughter was also born. Im married to a man originally from Upstate NY, hence the move.

 Anyway, just wondering if there are any other moms in this area.  :)

Re: Moms or Moms to be in Franklin County?

  • I do not live in Franklin Cty but I went to college up there in Plattsburgh. I love upstate NY and would not trade it for anything, so WELCOME!!!


    Good luck with the move and get ready for harsh winters, just a heads up. 

  • Thanks! Yeah the winters are quite something. So are the summers for that matter! It will be a big change from England but im sure i will get used to it.
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  • An early welcome to you! I've lived in Franklin County for almost two years now, was a North Jersey resident for 28 years prior to the move, it's been a big adjustment!
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  • Thank you! It looks like we will be there in October now :)

    How did you find adjusting? Im going to have to get used to cold winters and hot summers! Im just used to rain!

  • Hello! I live in St Lawrence County (which is right next to Franklin) and other than a few years in FL in my early 20's have been here all my life.  Good Luck to you and your family!
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  • Thank you! 

    Its going pretty well so far apart from the snow... 

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