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Hey guys I starting CDing my son when he was like 12 months or so, so I have no experience with newborns and what fits them best.  DS is short and skinny for his age so I bet this LO will be something similar, too.  Basically my question is this...I tried prefolds, fitteds, and contours with covers on DS.  All of these gave him a really really bad rash.  He has very sensitive skin due to his eczema and stuff related to his alopecia.  Pockets and AIOs are working best for him!  Do you guys know at what age/size your LO started fitting into pockets and AIOs?  And one-sizes, too?  I'd love to have a stash that they can share, but am unsure as to when that will be?


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  • DS fit in his OS diapers at 10lbs.  He got there after about a month, but he's a bit on the bigger side.  They do make newborn pockets if you think the new LO will have the same problems.
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  • DS was in some of the OS by 2 months. The grovia AIO snap down pretty small, so we were able to start using those the earliest. I used a lot of kawaii pure and naturals in the beginning. They worked great.
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  • DD started wearing OS at 2 months 8.5-9 lbs.  I think she's in a minority though...(most say a little over 10 lbs) or maybe I just couldn't wait to move on to cuter prints than my gender neutral NB stash...


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