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Stripping w/ Dawn

DD has leaked the last 3 nights in her Kawaii Goodnight Heavy Wetter. I use 2 of the microfiber inserts at night.  She isn't leaking At other times of the day.  

I have been using these diapers for the last 4 months, washing every 2-3 days with Tiny Bubbles (tried RnG and Tide and had some pretty major stinkies).  

Maybe it's time to strip, so I picked up some Dawn today.  By "blue dawn" does everyone just mean the Dawn that is blue in color - not green or orange or whatever?  I grabbed a small bottle that says its non-concentrated

If this is the right stuff, how much would I add to my HE front loader?  I am assuming that I would do this with clean diapers?  Do I need to do the shells as well or just the microfiber inserts?  do I use hot water with a cold rinse and just keep going until there are no bubbles?

I am also planning to order some hemp inserts to use overnight when we get back from vacation. 



Re: Stripping w/ Dawn

  • Are the inserts really wet in the morning? If so, you just need more absorbency.

    If you want to strip, yes, you've got the right stuff. A dab about a quarter on a diaper, hot wash, rinse until no bubbles (2-4 times). I do everything, as buildup on the pockets was my issue. Be warned, it may void your washer warranty if you have one. 

    Some hemp or bamboo will probably help. You could also be getting gaps from a big diaper - hemp/bamboo is thinner and can help with fit.

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