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Wishing I would have taken another appointment...

So I can't stop my worrying today and its really getting the best of me :-( I had spotting on Friday night/Saturday morning for about 2 hours, I panicked and went straight to the ER. They did my blood work and gave me an ultrasound and baby was fine. Strong heartbeat of 158 and HCG levels were still up at 35,000 so I was still good and pregnant.

The spotting (which was true spotting, only when I wiped) stopped 2 hours after it started and went away. I've had no other issues since then. I spoke with my Dr yesterday and she got all my ultrasounds and other paperwork from the hospital and she said all looks great baby is fine. I have an appointment next Wednesday and now i'm just worried that something happened or is going to happen to my baby :-(. I should feel fine because baby was fine during/towards the end of the spotting but I can't help but worry.

If something else was wrong with the baby you'd think I would have started spotting again right? Or probably a lot more blood? Ugh I wish I would have just asked for an appointment Monday. Tongue Tied

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Re: Wishing I would have taken another appointment...

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    I've had spotting like what you've said every once in awhile the whole time so far. I went in last friday and heard the heartbeat so everything is still good. Hopefully it's the same for you! 

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