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Positive induction story

I can?t change my ticker for some reason but baby is 6 days old.

I had 2 rounds of being sent home from the hospital for false labor (1st time every 2-7 min apart and 2nd time every 3-4 minutes apart.

At my 38w 3d appt I was 3.5cm 50% eff and -2.  At my 39w3d apt I was the same.  DS1 was a week early (water broke) and he was 8lb and I tore REALLY badly and was worried about having too large of a baby especially now that I was beyond when I had DS1 (at 39w1d).  I was in pain for several months from DS1?s stitches.  So my OB said we could induce 2 days later at 39w 5d. 

I was PETRIFIED of taking the easy way out (but man it was easy to have family fly/drive into town) and possibly needing a c section but all turned out great.

I was told to check in at 7am and they?d get me started on Pitocin.  I never have problems doing blood draws but the IV took forever to get in.  It took my nurse 3 tries, the charge nurse 2 tries and finally the anesthesiologist had to do it.  My arms are still bruised!  I was more worried about the IV than the epidural and I should have been!  At about 9:20 the IV was in and by 9:25 the Pitocin was started.  I was so scared that I?d immediately have awful contractions but it was a very low dose.

My OB was coming about 12:30 to break my water and I definitely wanted my epidural in by then.  Contractions were about 2-3 minutes apart but I was only at a pain level of maybe 4.  He did my epidural around noon while laying down (DS1 was sitting up) and I felt the local pricks but it wasn?t bad.  You just have to curl super hard around your baby so he can get the needle just right.  After that, my ob checked me (about 1pm) and I was 4.5cm, 80% eff and -1.  She broke my water which felt strange because I could feel the warmth but had no feeling in my legs.

By 3pm I was 6cm.  By 3:30 (30 minutes later) I was shaking so badly.  I asked for a warm blanket but my nurse had a suspicion that I may be complete!  And I was.  It took 30 min to go the final 4 cm!

My doctor was still at the office doing appointments so she saw 1 more patient and came down.   I felt a ton of pressure but had to hold out until she arrived!  It wasn?t awful.  She finally arrived about 4pm and in 3 pushes he was out!   

I did end up tearing and she also gave me a tiny episiotomy because she was worried that I would have torn in multiple places.  DS2?s head was a little bit bigger than DS1?s head but he only weighed 7 1/2 lb.  The cord was wrapped around his neck one time (which is why I?d have decelerations sometimes after a contraction).  DS1 took 3 ? hours to push out (his head was slightly turned) so this was much nicer.

Anyhow, I had a wonderful induction story and thought I?d share.  I?m dying of pain from the stitches but I?m hoping that will subside soon. 

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