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Cowboy Nursery!

I am putting together a cowboy nursery for our little Jackson (coming in November) and it's so fun!!! I'm just looking for any suggestions or ideas you might have seen along the cowboy line- I want to make it the best it can be!! Thanks!!!
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Re: Cowboy Nursery!

  • There are a ton of ideas on Pinterest.  I just searched Cowboy Nursery.  One idea that I have to offer is to twist rope in loops up at the top of the wall as a border.  I would say denim fabrics would be great too.  Also check etsy.  What about a wall decal that looks like a sheriff's badge that has LO's name in it?  
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  • Awww! I'm jealous. I wanted to do a cowboy themed but DH demanded tractors/farm animals! :-P

    Do you have a Hobby Lobby by you? They have an awesome array of cowboy stuff. 

    I was going to make curtains out of hankie's. 

  • They're kinda cheeseball but I've seen some cute antique covered wagon lamps at antique stores. You could probably also find on craigslist or etsy. 
  • Check out the Warm Biscuit Bedding Co.  I'm pretty certain they have cowboy bedding and decor (nice stuff, not the bed-in-a-bag tacky stuff).  Also, make sure to get him a little pair of boots to display somewhere!
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  • Use rope to spell out his name, you can throw in some horseshoes for decoration too.  Some cute vintage photographs of black and white rodeo, horses, cattling could be hung too.  
  • Thanks a bunch, y'all!! Those are fabulous ideas!!! I will post pics as it comes together more. Today I'm making a mobile out of little stuffed horses! :)
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