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can't believe the deal I just got!

So after going back and forth the past week or so (and thanks for everyone's help yesterday with my questions!), I pulled the trigger and got the B-Ready in black and the Chaperone car seat. I ordered on Amazon. yesterday, Amazon was charging me tax and the stroller was nearly $400. Today, I didn't get charged tax, and the stroller was $302. So with free shipping, I just got a $500 stroller and a $230 car seat for $302. 

Now I'm just waiting for the stroller to go down in price even more so I don't feel so proud of myself! :) 

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Re: can't believe the deal I just got!

  • You go girl!  That's awsome!!
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  • I just happened to notice that the black 2012 B Ready was $300 today! And I thought I got a good deal spending $400 for the 2,way to go!

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  • Oh my gosh!  I just ordered the black B-Ready and B-Safe the other day off Amazon for $375 +tax.  But after I saw your post, I ordered it again and also got it for $302 +tax!  I'm just going to return the more expensive one when it arrives.  I did notice that the one for $302 won't ship for 1-2 months.  Did yours say the same?

     Thanks for posting this!!  :)

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  • thats truly an awesome deal!! congrats!
  • wow! Is the free ride event going on still? Is this how you got both for that price? I see it's $395 just for the stroller!
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  • I got this too after seeing a tip that this was up on Facebook! I can't be more excited. I was resigned to the fact that I couldn't afford $400, even if I was getting the second seat for free.

    I think I got the last one (yesterday morning) because the price shot up to $376 after I ordered. I wonder why there was a limited number at low prices...returns? I hope all is well with mine. I did have to get the 'second seat' in blue (the stroller only was at that price in black) because there was no option sold by amazon in black. If I needed a carseat? I would have gotten that instead? you saved even more!!

    Now to see if I can get enough product UPCs to get the Registry Rewards carseat...:) 

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  • Oh, wow--just saw this. i didn't know about the Registry Rewards carseat! I haven't looked at the Britax carrier, but that might be worth it since I'll have everything else by the time I'm done!
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