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These seem to be the brand you find everywhere but no one ever recommends them. Are they no good?
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Re: Kissaluvs Fitteds

  • When I was pregnant the Kissaluvs size 0 seemed to be everyone's newborn diaper of choice so I bought several.  I was unimpressed.  He soaked through them faster than any newborn diaper we had.  We switched to pockets once he was bigger so I can't speak for the absorbancy of the bigger sizes.
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    We love ours. We used the newborn ones (which fit until nearly 6 mos) and were so happy with them we got size 1, and now size 2 (they've since changed to just the M/L). I just really like the snaps, and they wash/wear super well. I just took the newborn ones out to use again next month and they barely show any wear (one of the reasons we wanted fitteds is that we knew we'd be having more than one kid). They are NOT an overnight diaper.

    That said, I looked at the new M/L in the store, and I cannot imagine putting that on a 15lb baby. It's a lot of diaper.

  • I only used the size 0 for when DD was a newborn.  They were ok, nothing great and kind of underwhelming IMO, she soaked through them pretty quickly.  It wasn't until I moved on to more absorbent fitteds that I really understood the fitted love.
  • I recently purchased a Kissaluv 2.0 fitted size M/L for night time and I?ve had great results with no extra absorbency added.  I will be purchasing a few more. 

  • I love them they are very good  with a wool cover are the best solution for night time.
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  • I loved the Kissaluvs Fitteds.  DS's bum did not, but they were awesome and super absorbent!
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  • I'm a big fan of the KS 0's. Runny poos just can't get past that fleece-y cotton. If I have a second baby I would love to have 12-18 of these in my stash.

    I agree with the PP who said they are not an overnight diaper. But at the newborn stage you are changing them so often it doesn't really make a difference.

    The size M/L's are huge. DS has definitely outgrown the size 0 but is not ready for the M/L. I got the M/Ls as contours (w/o snaps) because DS was in between snap sizes for a long time with the 0's. Hopefully I'll be able to fasten these with pins or a snappi when DS is bigger. 

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