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any parents of babies with reflux/GERD??

So I'm pretty sure my LO has some degree of GERD. Hes 4.5 weeks old and has become very fussy all of the sudden. When we first came home he was such a good sleeper and eater. He's still gaining well, but spits up a ton. At first it didn't seem to phase him so I thought it was just spitting up. The past few days hes become increasingly irritable. He coughs and sounds like hes always clearing his throat. He also gets hiccups quite oftens, and spits up while he burps.

Do these symptoms sound like GERD to anyone who has a baby with it. He has a follow up appointment at the NICU tomorrow, as he was 5 weeks early, so I'm hoping to get to the bottom of this. I have had GERD issues since I was a little kid so I feel so bad thinking about him feeling all those symptoms :(

Re: any parents of babies with reflux/GERD??

  • It sounds like it to me, but definitely talk to your pedi. My LO would arch her back and scream when she burped because of the stomach acid in her spit up. I was able to tell the signs due to my niece having acid reflux when she was a baby. So as soon as she started doing this (around 4-5 weeks) I called her pedi and we got her on Zantac and switched her formula to Nutramigen to help with digestion.

    Good luck with it, I know how horrible it can make you feel Sad

  • Same with us. I got my LO on Zantac and she is EBF. Some days are better than others but now with the Zantac the acid attacks are 20 min or so and not all day long. You can smell the acid in their spit up on bad days but it doesn't seem to bother her as much anymore. My LO was born 3 weeks early too and has been gaining well. Good luck
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