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I feel Dizzay - NPA35

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  • OMG, Coke just went up my nose (the kind you drink). Kids after anaesthesia are wikedly funny!
  • This was my first time seeing a kid off anaesthesia, too funny!
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  • I know exactly how he feels:)) 

    Thanks for sharing Pearly, made my day:) 

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  • Oh - I wish I had videod ds after surgery a few times, it was hilarious. After one surgery, he was totally loopy and saying the strangest things. His surgery was at another hospital and after he was done and waiting for transport back, he kept insisting to the nurse that they stop at Wendy's on the way back for a root beer float and a baked potato. And then he started doing his comedy routine. He also insisted to the EMTs that they needed to stop at Wendy's. So dh texted me (he got to ride on the transport), please stop at Wendy's. So I did.

    He was asleep when I got there, woke up 15 minutes later, and said, "Hey, how did you know I wanted that!!" Anaesthesia amnesia!

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