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Based on my stash what other brand do you rec I try?

I have mostly bum genius but I have also bought a few tots bots, Kawai, charlie b, rmparooz and a best bottoms.i did get one swaddlebee. What other brands would u rec I try based on my stash? Or should I just get more of the same?
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Re: Based on my stash what other brand do you rec I try?

  • I posted this same question the other day with a similar stash. I didn't have any Swaddlebees, which were the majority of the suggestions, so I bought one of those.

    Do you have a bigger baby?  If so, you might want to try a Blueberry. I like mine, it's just really big on my DD (she's a peanut).  The inserts are way nicer than BG though. 

    Also suggested to me was a Babykicks 3G, which looked pretty awesome, but I don't love side snaps. Or you could try an AI2 like a GroVia or Flip, or pick up some fitteds for night.  

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  • I don't own any "name brand" diapers, just 3 cheapies off eBay and the rest I made.  But my neighbor loves Alva baby, they are very cheap but work great.  There is even a coop on Facebook where you can get better prices than the website!


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  • Our favorites (so far) are the SwaddleBee's SImplex AIO, BumGenuis Freetime, Blueberry pocket (for overnight). The BG 4.0's are dependable so no complaints with those either!
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  • I am in the early stage like you, but FuzziBunz OS is my favorite pocket so far. The adjustable elastic allows you to get a good, trim fit.
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  • GroVia. I have a pretty diverse stash but I just tried these and I really like the fit. The AIO or the AI2
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