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Freaking or in denial....

This will be my third birth and after a terrible induction last time and an irrational fee that I am going to have this baby at home I am either totally nervous and not ready for this baby to come or in denial that it is 5 weeks away....

 Anyone else feel this way? 

Re: Freaking or in denial....

  • OMFG yes!  I had a failed induction last time that ended in a csection where I was given medication that I had previously refused.  Because of their "we know best" attitude I spent the first 24 hours of my sons life in a horrible nightmare of uncontrollable dizziness while trying not to vomit every ten minutes.  

    I am absolutely terrified that my RCS is going to have the same result, despite all of the precautions I now know to take :(

     So yes, I go from refusing to acknowledge at all that it's so close to freaking out when I am reminded of that fact. 

  • I am glad I am not the only one! I am hoping that I get my stuff done and then get uncomfortable and get to the point where I am ready for this baby to come out no matter how that happens. 
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  • Same here.  This pelvic/hip pain is sure helping in that regard...
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