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1 year old constantly overeating

I know they say children don't overeat, but I feel like my 13 month old does. He's 33" and 25 lbs, a very big boy, but he still eats more than most toddlers I know.

For example, he wakes up and drinks 10oz milk, and is ready for breakfast a few minutes later.  He usually eats 2 eggs, piece of wheat toast, and 1/2 a banana. A few hours later he wants a snack (cheerios and 1/2 piece of fruit), and follows a similar pattern throughout the day - total of 3 full meals, 2 snacks, 30oz milk, and about 20oz water.

I feel like his his natural bodily hungry signals aren't accurate for 2 main reasons:

- When he stops eating and starts playing (after having lots to eat) and I go to remove his tray, he starts grabbing the leftovers and shoving them in his mouth.

- He recently learned how to signal me when hungry and tired, and does it way too frequently. When I don't respond to his signal (by letting him eat), he gets fussy, even if its soon after eating a full meal. I think it's turned into more of a communication tool, than actual hunger.

I've mentioned it to our Dr., who reminded me that "children don't overeat". I'm not even necessarily worried about having a chunky baby, I'm worried about creating habits that result in eating for the wrong reasons.

BTW, the amount he is eating has gradually increased over the past month or two. I used to only offer 1 egg, 1/2 piece toast, etc. unless he acted like he was still hungry. 

Anyone else have this same problem?  All advice welcome...! 


Re: 1 year old constantly overeating

  • My daughter is 9.5 months and is 31 inches tall and 24 pounds. I told the pediatrician that I felt like she ate non stop and the pediatrician wasn't concerned in the slightest. I wouldn't stress about it too much. My is a happy baby and that is all that really matters. 
  • Honestly I think you're more at risk of creating unhealthy food habits by trying to restrict or control what he eats, especially when he is telling you in no uncertain terms that he is NOT done. You want to teach kids to eat until they are full, not to eat a certain amount (either less- restricting food or more- the "clean plate club").

    IMO, children CAN overeat- but we're talking about older kids who understand the concept of a "full" belly. Babies don't.

    Lol- It's insane how much they can eat, isn't it? Don't worry about it, it will slow down eventually... then pick back up, then slow down, and on and on. Kids hit growth spurts and phases. Just make sure you're offering healthy options and let him decide when he is done eating.

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  • Meh. He's a growing, active, busy boy. It takes a lot of food for that brain power. :)

    I feel like if he was truly over eating he'd be sick or otherwise miserable.

    Just keep feeding him healthy stuff so as ages he likes it and will make good decisions.

    FWIW, I have a kid who will go weeks eating like there may not be food tommorow then have a two week streak where she won't touch hardly anything. So it may level off again.


  • HA!  Wait until he's a toddler and won't eat ANYTHING unless it's rice or pasta/noodles.  I sometimes wish I could say my kids eat a lot!

    OP, I wouldn't worry so much.  Just keep providing healthy options for him to load up on.

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  • DS is also a REALLY big boy, and always has been. The Dr. says because all of his measurements line up (95th percentile for all three, not just weight) that it's fine. To feed him as much as he wants to eat. I found that as my son is getting more active and busy, that his appetite drastically increases. I've always worried that I was overfeeding him and that he was going to get into bad habits. But I don't feed him when he's upset or to get him to sleep, or in the night if he wakes up, etc., so at elast he's not turning into an emotional eater.

    I would say let the child eat. Unless the Pedi is concerned, or he's getting non-nutritious food, I think yuo're fine.

    BTW: DS is 25lbs and 31"

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  • I agree with PPs. My almost 11 month old will eat as much as us sometimes and she is small(18 lbs/29") Sometimes I wonder if she just eats cause it tastes good but then she will eventually just start playing with her food or pushing it away. Let your little one eat until he's full.. I would never limit what they eat. They stay VERY active and need lots of energy!
  • My DD was born 90% in weight and is still there -- at 1 yr she's approaching 25 lbs herself --- for a girl Wink.  I was just saying to DH this week that when we eat out we need to get LO her own meal because *I* need to eat! (she can't get enough from my plate! and we BF still) ---- I'm proud that she eats so well.  I consider myself to have healthy eating habits so I am pretty confident she'll develop the same --- however, my DH struggles with weight so time will tell.  That said, I don't have the same issues you do --- my LO does not ask for food (or else I don't understand and she gives up) - if she's fussy after eating I assume she either wants to play something else or needs a nap.  I do get stressed when she goes through a growth spurt and eats A LOT more than a lot.  But that passes in 2-3 days.  GL.

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