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Confused, a little concerned..

Think I'm getting closer...So I'm 32 wks and have been on bed rest and nifedipine since 28 wks for PT contractions. Today I've noticed (been keeping track of frequency/strength of the contractions), that yesterday and today they've been getting a tad more frequent and have increased in intensity. No pain, just feels really hard on my belly. I get about 4 contractions an hour. I sees the doc next Tuesday, so I'll have them check me for dilation/effacement; thus far I've had neither.It feels like baby is dropping a bit also. I don't know what's goin on since I'm a FTM. Suggestions? Thoughts? I'm thinking there's no way I'm gonna make it to September 26th.

Re: Confused, a little concerned..

  • Since you are on bed rest for PTL, I would call your doctor. 
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  • Call your doctor. I learned the hard way - just had my baby this morning after being stubborn and having some pain (which I now know were contractions) over the weekend. Almost didn't make it to the hospital. Better safe than sorry! CALL! :)
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  • It sounds like braxton hicks, but given that you've been on bedrest I'd call the dr.


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  • I would call your dr.  Given your PTL, they may want you to go into L&D to get checked instead of waiting until your next appointment!
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