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I wish I hadn't POAS - now I'm confused

I couldn't take it anymore and at 7dp5dt I POAS and got a very faint line!  I woke DH up at 4am to show him and he couldn't see it but later agreed that there was one there.  The RN at the RE scolded me for testing and told me it was too early and could be the trigger hanging around.  I have to go back on Thursday for my beta.  I thought 14 days post trigger would be long enough.  Thoughts?

Also, my bloat was going down and I felt great on Saturday.  However, yesterday it went to a whole new level and I now look 4-5 months pregnant and my belly is somewhat tender to touch.  The RN pretty much blew that off and said that my ovaries were still swollen and it didn't really mean much and unfortunately I'm in limbo.  Thursday seems so far away and now I'm second guessing if I have a false positive.


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Re: I wish I hadn't POAS - now I'm confused

  • Sounds to me like 12dpo is a BFP! FX on a positive beta


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  • 14 days past trigger should be more than enough time to be out of your system. 

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  • ksfryeksfrye member
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    I think 14 days post trigger is long enough too.  Wow, the nurse seems kinda grumpy.  I know Thursday seems like forever away.  Hang in there and FX for a positive beta!
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  • My trigger was still there last IVF at 9dpt3dt (which is the same 12 days as yours). You just have to wait it out.

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  • FX for you!
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  • I would be cautiously optimistic... Good luck!
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  • For 99% of people (if it was a standard 10,000 unit trigger), it would be gone by 14 days past. Unless you're so faint where it's a squinty twister in just the right light, I'd call that a BFP... especially if you're using something other than a FRER.
  • FX its a BFP!! GL!
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  • imageGregermis:
    I would be cautiously optimistic... Good luck!

    ^^This.  My trigger is usually gone by 11-12dpo (12-13dp trigger), I think it affects everyone differently.

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  • Kiki33Kiki33 member
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    I just went through this. I hope I don't sound like Debbie Downer, because I wish nothing but the best outcome for you, but I did learn something during my last cycle.

     I transferred one 5-day blast during my 2nd IVF cycle. The 2ww was killing me, so I tested and got a faint line. I called my friend whose Dad is an OB and she said that "you can't be a little pregnant" - ANY line is a positive. So, I went out and bought a digital and sure enough "pregnant!"

    However, when I went for my beta test, my levels were at 14 - I had a chemical pregnancy. I felt like I was punched in the face. How could I have felt so much joy 24 hours earlier only to find out I was going to lose "the baby" so fast?

     I will never POAS again - ever. Honestly, I know the wait is brutal and there is literally nothing that can take your mind off of your beta test, but for your own sanity - just wait. Wait for the Doctor to tell you that you are pregnant and that your levels are high enough to sustain. I can tell you first hand that it isn't worth the early excitement. The beta day will be here before you know it.

     Just my two cents. Good luck! 

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