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Ugh! spotting on 5dpiui and 8dpiui?!

I was so exciting on Friday (5dpiui) and not so excited today.  Is there any positive reason that I would see spotting twice?  I guess either could be implantation but twice?  What, did it have to move to a new location?

I'm feeling very down and worried now :(  Please let me know if you have any insight.

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Re: Ugh! spotting on 5dpiui and 8dpiui?!

  • Unfortunately I don't have any personal insight, but I know my mom told me that when she was PG with my brother, she spotted on and off for a few days... she thought it was AF and when she went to her dr, he confirmed she was KU... and my sis had some bleeding with her first as well, and everything was normal and healthy.

     Don't lose hope yet... FX for you!! 

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  • That would make my brain run in circles too. Hold on tight, you're not too far away from finding out for sure what happened. Less than a week right?!
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