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Chart stalk

I am on CD 19 and FF "thinks" I may have O'ed on CD 16, but I didn't get a +OPK until CD 17.  I think I O'ed on CD17 based on OPK and cramps.  Thoughts??

 We should be covered as far as BD.  WE BD'ed every day since CD 15 and EOD before that from CD 7-13

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Re: Chart stalk

  • Yeah. You're right, FF is wrong. You may even have O'd on CD18. Your temps are only now reaching your last month's post-O temps. Plus you had fertile CM yesterday. Looks like you are in good shape!
  • Ive had a few months where FF ignores my + OPK - no idea why. But I am pretty sure when I am cramping and have EWCM that O is happening, I know some people think the thermometer is god, but imo that O pain and EWCM and + OPK combo is more accurate. 
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  • The book, Taking Charge of Your Fertility says that if you have a huge dip that is the day you ovulate.  I think FF is correct.


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