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I am confused lol

Just a quick question cause now that I am TTC I am paying more attention to this. If I am on a 28 day cycle and I got my last period on July 11th when would i be due for my period? I know you start counting from the first day of your cycle but is it on day 28 that i get it or is that the day my cycle ends and I get it the next day? Just want to be sure I am counting right and dont get excited that my period is late!

Thanks everyone!


Re: I am confused lol

  • On a 28 day cycle you'd expect AF on August 8th. If no AF on the 8th, then you'd be late. July 11 = CD1, August 7th = CD28, August 8 will hopefully not be CD1 of the next cycle.

    Good luck!

  • Thats what I thought but wanted to make sure!!

    Thanks so much :-)

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