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recommend your favorite wrap

I'm still in the process of figuring out the whole baby carrier deal....but, as of right now, am thinking I want to start out with a wrap for a newborn. I'm a bit intimidated by the wraps though...kinda looks like you have to be an engineer to get some of them on right. Please recommend your favorite wrap for newborns that will mostly be used around the house and for short outings. Looking for something easier for a FTM to put on and something comfy for me and a newborn. TIA!

Re: recommend your favorite wrap

  • I'm looking into the moby wrap. I found some really good videos on YouTube that show you different ways to wrap it. I have a friend that has one she is going to let me borrow. I'm going to practice with it before baby gets here. Good luck.
  • I absolutely love the moby wrap. It is seriously so easy to use. It is really comfortable, and your LO will fit nice and snug in the soft fabric. I would put it on before I left the house, and then when I arrived at wherever I needed to go, I would just pop DS in, and we were good to go!  
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  • Moby for sure! The chocolate one is $29.96 too, good deal. I have the moss one and it is pretty.
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  • I loved my Moby wrap!  But if you want something with a little more ease, I would suggest a K'tan wrap.
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