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How many newborn size outfits do you have?

I had my shower yesterday, and finally started sorting everything by size. I have quite a few newborn outfits - probably about 15 or so. But I have no idea if DD will even fit into NB stuff, or for how long. I'm hesitant to take the tags off and wash everything in case I don't need them. 

Should I just get a few NB outfits ready and play it by ear? NB only goes up to about 8 lbs, right?


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Re: How many newborn size outfits do you have?

  • We've got only 1 newborn sized outfit, a onesie my in-laws got LO.

    We're gonna bring it to the hospital just in case he's little enough to wear it, but we're highly doubting it.

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  • Manx4Manx4 member
    Keep the tags on them.  Sizes from different companies range so much, DS can fit into some 12 month items still and others he needs a 24 month.  It really depends on your LO and the clothing. 
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  • UnemUnem member

    Right now (pre-shower) we have about 38 NB through 0-3 month outfits.  I doubt we'll use them all and I doubt all of them will fit, but I feel like we're at least prepared.

    I only have this many because I went to a community garage sale and there were tons of gender neutral outfits that looked brand new.  I couldn't resist.


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  • Last week I had an U/S and they estimate LO to be about 5 lbs 2 oz now, but I've heard that any estimates/predictions can be grossly inaccurate. I wish there was a way to know! I was 5 lbs 15 oz at birth and DH was 8 lbs 6 oz, so who knows?!
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  • one actual outfit and maybe 5 pj like NB onies. the rest are 0-3 that have been washed.
  • We have two newborn sweaters and that's it. I also haven't had my shower yet.


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  • I have none and probably wont get any most of my friends know that I wont get much use out of newborn clothes.


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  • We dont have any because DS was 9.1 (2 wks early) and DD is also measuring big, so everyone knows that we wont use them.


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  • We have zero NB size outfits.  If we end up with a kid less than 8lbs I will be completely and utterly shocked. 
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  • We have about 10 total, including onesies and sleepers. I figure that will get us thru about 5 days after which we will reevaluate our needs. I just don't think that this baby is going to be very big, I am a smallish person and have gained less then 20 lbs so I think we will be in nn size for a few weeks. I also can't stand baggy baby clothes so that is a factor as well.
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  • Like 2 but I hate gender neutral so I am buying more after the baby is born. I have smaller babies..around 7lbs at birth and less by the time we leave the hospital. I think both of my girls wore newborn clothing for about 3wks. Carters runs big IME will gerber runs a little smaller. You never know how big DC will be at and after birth so I would have some NB on hand just in case..
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  • I bought two newborn outfits for pictures - everything else is 0-3 months. DS #1 was out of newborn outfits in less than five weeks, and we have a lot of stuff from him that he never wore. We'll re-use those until this baby outgrows them.

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  • I would keep the tags on all your NB outfits. Maybe wash a couple to take to the hospital but I hear most babies grow out of them in a week or two. I have about 5 NB onesies.
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  • A garbage bag full!  We got a ton of hand me downs from my SIL. I have 5 bags of close all less than 12 mo in size. It's So hard not to buy more. 
  • This baby has very few clothes at this point in general. I think I have 2-3 in newborn size. DS wore newborn for 3 weeks or so, but I still won't take tags off of too many things before she's born bc you just never know.

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  • I have 6 NB onesies and 2 NB outfits/sleepers.

    6 0-3mo onesies and 7 0-3 outfits/sleepers.

    I'm kinda freaking out.  

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  • StasiStasi member

    I have about 6 newborn sleepers and around 20 short sleeve onesies and 15 pairs of pants. The onesies and pants are all borrowed though.

    I would like to have a few more sleep sack style sleepers too...did I describe that right??

    I'm behind on 0-3 and 3-6 month stuff though and need to go shopping soon...


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  • I don't have any. 0-3 months is the smallest I have. My daughter was a big baby, so I am anticipating this one to be on the larger size as well. And they grow so fast anyway. In my experience newborn sizes don't last. At all.
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  • We have about 10 onesies and a couple sleepers. We probably won't get much use out of them, if at all. LO's already estimated to be close to 5lbs.
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  • We have I think 2 shirts and a pair of pants that are NB sized and were used (received as part of a box of stuff). MiL bought 1 or 2 NB outfits this weekend and I'm leaving them with the tags on so I can try to return them if (when) she can't fit into any NB stuff. DS never wore NB sizes.
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  • I have 2 NB sized dresses for bring home outfits, 1 NB sleep and play and 2 pairs of NB pants.  That's all I'll need, the pants are mainly for when we got to the DR's office for visits in the first weeks and she'll just wear a plain white side snap kimono shirt with those.  In fact, I plan to keep her in a kimono shirt and diaper pretty much the first weeks swaddled anyway.

    I have (3) 0-3 outfits, 4 pairs of (0-3) pants and a pack of (0-3) colored long-sleeved onesies.  Otherwise, I've got the basic white stuff leftover from DS in all sizes and shirt sleeve lengths.

  • I have probably 15 total.  I bought one (but still have the tags on it) was given one at my shower and was given tons of brand new NB sized things from my mom's co-worker who had a 10 lb. baby.  I'm going to keep the tags on the one outfit I bought until he's born and see how big he is. 
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  • hmp1hmp1 member
    I mainly have 0-3. In NB I have about 3 sleepers, 8-10 onesies/shirts, 4-5 pants, 2 rompers.

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  • We have one outfit and one sleeper. I don't plan to buy anymore, but I haven't had my shower yet.

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