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Anyone have a successful FET after a failed fresh IVF cycle?

Hello ladies!  I am looking to see if there is anyone out there who had success with a FET after a failed fresh IVF cycle?  Our IVF #1 was this month and resulted in a BFN (we really had a our hopes up, everything went so smooth and 2 perfect grade cell 8 embies were transferred) but neither took) -  so we started the process for FET #1 using 3 eggs we have frozen from this fresh cycle - I am feeling kind of bummed but at the same time staying positive and hoping to get a BFP with this FET :)   Thank you for sharing!

Re: Anyone have a successful FET after a failed fresh IVF cycle?

  • I myself never had any frozen embryos for a FET, but I do have many friends who have had success with FET cycles. It can happen, so don't lose hope! Good luck!


    A lot of years and a million tears finally led me to you.
    After 7 years trying to concieve, 3 failed IUIs and 2 failed IVFs, my third IVF was a success!
    My Christmas baby turned into a turkey bird! Dillon Richard was born at 34 weeks, 5 days on November 28, 2009 after 10 weeks on bedrest for preeclampsia.
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  • Yes, I did!  We transferred 3 embryos during our fresh cycle that ended in a BFN.  We then transferred 2 with an FET cycle and are expecting twins!  Hang in there.  FX for a BFP for you this time around!
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    TTC Since Oct 2009.

    12/10 DX-Annovulation.

    SA 2/11 - all is good.

    HSG 4/11 - right tube 100% blocked.

    LAP 5/16/11 to repair twisted tube.

    clomid 50mg - no response

    Femara 2.5mg - no response

    IUI#1/2 Oct/Nov '11 Femara + Ovidrel = BFN's

    IVF #1 ....BFN

    FET 3/21 = BFP!! 1st Beta 4/2...929! ITS TWINS!!
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  • Thank you everyone, it feels good to see people in the same boat as me that got their BFPs, it's very encouraging :)
  • I have not done a FET, however, I have seen a lot of other people have success. Are you more concerned about the success rate of using frozen eggs or because you had a failed fresh cycle? Many people have success using frozen embryos, in fact most people who develop OHSS before the transfer have to freeze their embryos and do a FET when OHSS calms down. Don't worry too much about the success of a FET over fresh, the success rate is still pretty high. If you are concerned that you already had a failed cycle, I have seen many people on here that have to try IVF a second time for success. Just because it failed the first time doesn't mean it won't work the next. Try to stay positive and relax :) GL!
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  • I did. This pregnancy was w a frostie from my 2nd failed Ivf. 
    TTC 12/2009 Dx Severe MFI/azoo 6/2010

    IVF 1 (long lupron): mc 7w4d, D&C 11/23/10

    IVF 2 (antagonist w co cultures): cancelled 2x due to no sperm

    IVF 2.2: ER 6/9/11 3dt of 2 (1 frostie :), BFN

    IVF 3 (EPP w co cultures): 9/2011 (cancelled, irregular pap) LEEP 9/2011

    IVF 3.1 (11/2011) EPP w co cultures: 3dt of 3- BFN Again

    Natural sFET 1/2012: -ET of the "lone wolf (Wolfie)" 1/29

    Beta 2/8 BFP!! Betas: 119 @14dpo, 388 @16dpo, HB 6w2d 131!!

    dx GD @ 28 wks, insulin dependent

    *s/paif always welcome*


    Can't wait to meet Wolfie!!!


  • Thank you both!  I think at this point after everything we have been through over the years I am wondering when will it be our time?  I don't care how it happens but after 12 failed IUIs and our first fresh cycle failing I am like grrrrr haha - IVF with ICSI is what our docs had recommended after we went through our testing (I am ok, my hubby has low sperm count), because our insurance did not cover it but did cover unlimited IUIs we did a bunch of those until we had the money to move on to IVF - we finally were able to move on so I guess our hopes were up pretty high to finally be doing it and the cycle itself went smooth so to get a BFN hit us hard :(  We are both looking forward to the FET and so far the process is much less harsh on my body - I am just nervous about how many of the fertilized eggs will make it through the thaw, we have 3 frozen so am hoping at least 2 if not all 3 make it :) 
  • If they're using vitrification, you're looking at a 95%+ rate of successful defrost :) I've had 6 defrosted from vitrification and only lost one.

    FETs are absolutely something to be hopeful about. We didn't get pregnant with either of our IVF cycles but two out of three of our FETs have resulted in pregnancies. We lost one last year but that had nothing to do with the infertility process. Aaand I just tested positive for our first FET following our second IVF.

    Good luck! 

    Friends for 17 years. Married 10. TTC since Jan 2009.
    3 IVFs, 4 FETs, 11 transferred embryos, 3 losses (c/p, 6w, 17w)
    2012: Lost "Peanut" at 17weeks to PTL/IC.
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  • Stay positive!!! It can happen.  We had a failed IVF and I was devastated.  Thankfully our Dr is very agressive with testing and knowing we only had 4 frozen he did not want to take any chances.  He found out I was compound heterozygous for MTHFR.  He also did an enometrial biopsy which is shown to help with implantation.  I added Lovenox injections and Folgard and we got our BFP with FET#1 2 months after failed IVF.

     Praying this FET works for you! 

    After 6 long years of TTC and a traumatic birth... I finally got to hold my baby in my arms!

    'Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.'Psalm 37:4

    2006 start TTC

    2007 Start w/ RE (Endo and MFI previous marriage)/ 2008 Vericocele surgery/3 clomid cycles
    2009 Lap removed stage III endo/ 2 failed IUI/ Divorce

    2011 Remarried
    October 2011 Dx: Endo & DOR/ November 2011- clomid & TI cycle
    January 2012 IVF~  Flare protocol 10 ER/ 9 mature fertilized with ICSI/ ET- 2 Grade A Blasts/ 4 frozen= BFN
    Febuary 2012- -Endo Biopsy/  MTHFR diagnosis
    March 8- FET 2 grade A blasts= BFP!!!!

    November 2012-  Charles was born by emergency C-Section

    Dealing with:
    Stage III Endo/ DOR/ MTHFR two mutations C677T & A1298C

    Currently TTC #2  FET planned January 2014

  • Our doc's office does use vitrification so that is good to hear!  We are definitely staying positive and know when it's meant to be it will happen, the sting from the IVF#1 BFN is still there but with each day is getting better, we are excited and optimistic for this FET #1 :)
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