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Recliner chair

Hi there,

 I just received the recliner I purchased for the baby's room.  Unfortunately, it makes a load clunking sound when rocking and I am definitely going to return it.  Can anyone recommend a good recliner or glider?


Re: Recliner chair

  • Which recliner is it? We have the Tuscany Glider and while it is admittedly lower end we like it fine. It is easy to put together and the ottoman comes put together. It is comfortable and the back is supportive which I cared about the most because I easily get a sore back. It might be at BRU for a test drive but I am not sure.
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  • Thanks I will look into the Tuscany.  I bought the Newco Jayden Recliner.  It is nice looking but that is about it.  I have a small house and liked the idea of a recliner but will look into a glider.
  • my friend has the Stork Craft Hoop Glider and she is happy with it.. its not to expensive .. abt $129 now.. but very comfy and she feels value for money as she plans to use it elsewhere once baby is older...
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