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Hi, iI'm many of you ladies have taken progesterone in some form. I have picked up my prescription and was told to start it on the day I get a postive opk and continue to take it until I get my period (if I get my period). My Level was checked and it came back at 9, which my dr. said was low. I was on clomid for 2 cycles. I am taking taking clomid this cycle because, i have been under montoring of my obgyn, and plus I was on vacation and I didnt bring it with me when I would have been supposed to start it. So i figured i'd wait until I saw the RE which is in 2 weeks. By the time my RE appointment comes I will be late in my cycle. My question is, should I start the progesterone and start testing with opks? (im on cd 13) i usually get positive opks around cd 18, or should I hold off until next cycle after seeing the RE? Or, should I wait until a few days after the positive opk so that i dont hinder ovulation if its going to happen. I was also wo deri what happens if i dont get my period (and hopefully get pregnant) do i just continue taking it? 
Thanks in advance. 

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  • I would call your dr and tell them you didn't take the clomid.  It doesn't sound like they are giving you a lot of direction. Your dr needs to be aware you didn't take the prescribed meds. 
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  • I did tell my obgyn that i did not take the clomid this cycle. She said it was fine and that if i want i can hold off taking the progesterone until i see the RE or i can start It, my choice. This is why im wondering i should start the progesterone to improve my chances or what. Im not sure how to go about what to do. 
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