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Sigh... what to do with my city elite...

I am totally stuck trying to figure out what to do with my city elite.  I like it - it is a good stroller.  But, it's pretty heavy for me to haul around, and takes up my whole trunk in my smaller car.  It's not quite as smooth as my old bob was with my son.  DH loves it because it's so adjustable, and has so much head room for DD to grow into.

I can't decide if I need to go for 'more stroller' and get a bob so I can jog and exercise with DD (which I would looove to start doing soon) and I know it'll be able to truck around the neighborhood in the winter, etc.

Or, if I need to go for less stroller, and get a mini GT that is more compact and easy to get in and out of the car.  OR, just suck it up and use what we've got.


Re: Sigh... what to do with my city elite...

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    we have the mini regular. When I was looking at doubles, I really wanted something with more all-terrain capacity (better wheels) so I was deciding between the elite and the bob. Iloved all the extra features of the elite. After having a BabyJogger, the BOB seems great for running but has pretty sad features for an everyday stroller (the fold, the recline, etc and it's soo long). IMO, I don't think the GT is as good as the elite. So, I'd stick with the Elite and get an umbrella for when you want something light and quick.
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