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I know I might be over reacting but...I am starting to get freaked out that I have never felt the baby move.  I am 20 weeks today.  Should I be worried?  How far along were you?

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  • I have an anterior placenta so I didn't feel until about 22/23 weeks.  I think it's normal not to feel movement until later especially if it is your first child.
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  • I was way late, like 26 weeks. Even as far along as I am now, my DH can't feel anything on the outside :(.
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  • I have an anterior placenta, and I didn't start to feel anything until right around 20 weeks.  My OB told me that for FTM, they don't expect you to feel much until 20-22 weeks.  Hang in there!


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  • I can remember being in triage for bleeding at 19.5 weeks and them asking if I'd felt anything. I had to tell them I really wasn't sure. At that point I had felt some little bubble type feelings, but I had no idea if it was gas or not. By about week 21, could look back and realized I had been feeling her, but just had no idea. It wasn't until 21/22 that I was feeling what I knew was movement. And, my placenta is in the back, so that wasn't restricting anything!
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  • I didn't feel consistant movement until 20 weeks. No worries lots of women don't feel anything until much later.
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  • I only just felt movement last week, at 21 weeks. As long as the u/s all look good you can relax. It feels like something is occasionally thumping the inside of my lower abdomen from time to time now.
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  • Just to reiterate what other posters have said. I will be 20 weeks Thurs and I do not have an anterior placenta and am fairly small but still have not felt anything!! My MW said not to worry, the days will come when it is nothing but being kicked all day. I do have a rather thick placenta though and that may be contributing. My sister felt her first at 24 weeks and her second not until 21, so please don't over worry yourself. You will feel it in no time!
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  • I felt him at 16 weeks, but you are still in the normal range. When can you have another u/s, to ease your mind?
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