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Help with color of PB crib please? I'm aggravated.

I originally ordered the PB Kendall in "white".  It's supposed to be coming on Friday.  I checked the website this morning and I see now its offered in "simply white" as well. which is a brighter white than the one that I ordered. I am planning to pair this crib with my Ikea Hemnes dresser in white.  What color do you think will match better?  Should I change my order to the simply white?  I know the Hemnes if an off-white too, so I just want the colors to match as well as possible.  

I know this isn't a huge deal, but I'm frustrated!!!! Who knew there were so many shades of white!!!!!:(

Re: Help with color of PB crib please? I'm aggravated.

  • I bought the Hemnes dresser and it is definitely not white.  More of a cream.  I don't know the PB colors but I think you are better off with the less white of the two.  FWIW, my crib is really white and it is also driving me crazy.  I am going to try to bring other white and cream touches into the room so it looks like it is intentional.
  • We have the same set and they match perfectly. We got both in white. I was expecting a slight difference in color but when we put them next to each other they were perfect! 

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  • Oh, this is so reassuring to hear!  So, AKB, you have the PB crib in the regular white, not the new bright white, right?  
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