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Britax Free Ride special

We recently decided to get the B-Ready instead of the B-Agile, and part of our motivation to switch was that we'd be able to get our car seat for free via the Free Ride special. But I just checked the website, and it says the deal expires July 31! I'm not sure we'll evenb e able to get to a store in the next two days to buy the stroller, and we're moving in a few weeks and would rather not have to move that stuff too.

How does the Free Rid actually work? Do you go buy the stroller at the store and take home the free car seat too? Could I call BuyBuyBaby and do it over the phone and have it delivered to our new house (or have it picked up in another store at my own convenience)? 

Also, how frequently do these deals come up? Is it a once-a-year type deal, or every couple of months?


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Re: Britax Free Ride special

  • I got mine through Amazon.  very easy to order from.
  • Order it online!  Here is how you order through Amazon:

     To receive the Best Value discount:

    1. Add all products described in the promotional offer message to your Shopping Cart one of two ways:
      a. Via the Add both to Cart button in the promotion description, OR
      b. Via the Add to Shopping Cart button on each respective product information page.
    2. The amount of the Best Value savings will be reflected on the final order checkout page and will be allocated proportionally to all participating items in the Shopping Cart, including the Best Value item itself. For example, if the promotion offers $5 off one item worth $10 when you purchase two items worth $20 each, the $5 will be divided proportionately between the three items, so that the Best Value item will appear with a $1 discount, and each of the two other items will appear with a $2 discount.
    3. If you remove any of the participating promotion items from your Shopping Cart or violate any of the terms and conditions listed below, the promotion will be invalid, and the discount will be removed from the order.
    4. If you return any of the items involved in the promotion, the discount previously applied to the order will be subtracted from the return credit.
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  • Oh, wow , that is SO easy! Wow! I can't believe the total is just about $400 with how cheap Amazon has the stroller.

    Has anyone done returns of big items like this through Amazon? I just want to have that option just in case we end up changing our minds.


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  • Britax had the free ride event twice last year, once in the spring & again in the fall. I don't know if the will have it again in the fall.I returned the B-ready & 2nd seat to Amazon after buying it during the event last fall. As long as it's bought through Amazon and you just try the stroller/accessories in your house, you can return it to free.

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