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Had my shower :)

Sunday was my shower and it was wonderful! We got almost everything we need for our LO and we are so grateful to our family and friends!


We got a call from the hall cancelling our shower!! the day before!! luckily, DF and his stepmom found a new hall that let us have our shower there so i am incredibly grateful for that!!

After a very stressful saturday, Sunday went off so well and DD is a very lucky kiddo! Just wanted to share our shower story with everyone :) happy monday!

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Re: Had my shower :)

  • Phew! Glad it went well. And how nice that you got so much of what you needed!
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    Glad that your crisis was adverted and you had a great shower!

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  • That's crazy! I'm glad everything worked out in the end, but did the hall say why they were canceling your shower the day before? That's insane. 
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  • nope no explanation it was just good luck DF step mom called that morning to check if we could use the fridge.  i doubt they woudlve even called! im glad she did though and it got worked out but that was a tough couple hours trying to find a place.

    i must admit i did cry at my shower my mom gave me the baby blanket i had when i was a LO :)

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  • Oh my goodness how stressful! I can't even begin to imagine... but so glad it all worked out!
  • I'm glad it all worked out!
    Holy cow, we're going to have a little sister!! BabyFruit Ticker
  • hmp1hmp1 member
    That would have totally stressed me out too. Glad you had a great time!

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