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Going decor shopping tomorrow! Advice, ladies?

So while the boyfriend is fixing the house up, I'm in charge of getting furniture and decor, so we can turn this house into a home as fast as possible. I'm going to Ikea and a few local stores, and I'm open to any words of wisdom! The walls are being painted a buttery yellow, and I'm taking a sample of the paint with us to match colors with. I'm also bringing pictures of the colors we're planning to use (teal and light green, gender neutral ftw), and a list of baby crib recommendations.

 This is my list of nursery stuff we're getting on this tip:

Curtains, crib, dresser (we're going to repaint it and turn it into a changing table), and rocker. We're getting other stuff for the rest of the house too.

I was dreading this decorating stuff, but I'm really getting into it!

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Re: Going decor shopping tomorrow! Advice, ladies?

  • Well, if you're going to Ikea, I definitely recommend the Hemnes dresser.  We plan on using it in our nursery and WILL use the top as a changing table too.  Reasonably priced and super cute!!  And its on sale till Aug 5th!!!  


     I've also heard good things about their cribs. And you can get cute window treatments there too.  GL!!! 

  • My only advice: if you are going to Ikea, bring a snack!! I love their stuff, but that place is overwhelming.
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