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Kershnic re: insurance reimbursement

Hi you posted a week or so ago about not getting your trigger shot from the mail order pharmacy and wondering if it will be reimbursed - could you tell me what happened with that if you know by now?

Because...I somehow screwed up my trigger shot and had to call 4 pharmacies before I found one with it in stock.  Insurance denied it since it wasn't from a specialty pharmacy but the pharmacist said I could try and get it reimbursed.  I'm sort of pissed because I wasn't given the mixing needle and I think I know the reason the injection didn't work this morning was because the needle was dulled from sticking it in the vial and piercing the rubber. 

Re: Kershnic re: insurance reimbursement

  • Unfortunately I'm not any help to you because I haven't dealt with it yet.  I need to dig through all of my papers and find all the receipts and fill out the form and I just haven't had the energy to deal with it yet.  Dealing with insurance majorly drains me. 

    I think it's definitely worth submitting for you and hopefully they'll reimburse!!  I'm sorry that the needle mix up could have affected your cycle, that sucks a lot. 

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