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Anyone been on a Disney cruise with their LO?

We booked one back when DD was an infant because apparently we had unreasonable expectations of a 2 year old and were sure she would outgrow her allergies.  (Because you know..all babies out grow milk and soy allergies, right?  This is what I heard 9 million times atleast.  Um, wrong.)

Now our cruise is less than 4 months away and we are starting to panic.  From what I understand, Disney is actually really good about accomodating allergies and we should be okay.  I'm still freaked though and wonder if anyone has any personal experience with one that can offer me tips. 

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Re: Anyone been on a Disney cruise with their LO?

  • I read a review on the Kids with Food Allergies forum recently (google for that - I'm not positive I'm allowed to link to other forums on here?) and it was VERY positive. It actually made me feel a lot better about the possibility of traveling with my DS if he doesn't outgrow his allergies later.
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  • Haven't been on a cruise but have been to Disney world and they were AMAZING w our gluten/dairy restrictions.  Id call ahead of time to talk to someone to put yourself at ease and discuss options.
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    We did Disney and they were so accommodating. The manager or most of the time a chef would come out and ask about DD"s allergies. From there they would recommend things she could eat from the menu, or they would make a meal for her. It made me wish eating out was always that easy!
  • Thanks for the feedback everyone!  Disboards has been a great place for information, too.  I'm still freaked out but am starting to feel like we might have fun.
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  • Not a cruise, but they have always been fantastic in their restaurants with allergy issues and I'd expect no less on the boat. One server told me she can't even take an order for an allergic child until the chef comes out to speak to me.
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