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Getting referred out

Hello ladies! Im new to this board and have a question about getting referred off post.  I have my first appointment aug13.. How do I go about doing this? Do I ask the doctor? TIA!   PS: any other ladies at Ft. Bliss? 
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Re: Getting referred out

  • Do you want to be referred out for your pregnancy or something else?


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    Beaumont rarely refers out because they have a full OB/GYN staff and a brand-new (large) maternity ward.  Why don't you want to be seen there?


    ETA: We're stationed here in El Paso and have been for the last six years.  How long have you been at Bliss? 

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  • Are you using Prime or Standard? With Prime, you MUST have a referral in hand before seeing any specialist. This means going to your PCP, having them write a referral for an in-network specialist and submitting it to tricare, and then you wait for approval (should take 72 hours). It is very important to make sure the specialist you want to see is in network! You can check this at Do not just trust your doctor if they tell you someone is in network, check for yourself! I learned this the hard way and now I am stuck with an $800 bill. If you still are not sure if a specialist is in network, call tricare and ask. You will know if the referral went through or not because you will revieve a copy of the approval/denial in the mail.  Read this carefully- tricare can redirect you to another physician if the one requested is not in network (network status can change, so keep an eye on this).  Tricare can also deny the request to go off post if a specialist exists on post, unless you have a documented reason why the off post person is the only one medically able to treat you. It must be a medical reason, not just a preference.  If no specialist exists on post you shouldn't have a problem getting a referral for off post, but only to an in network doctor. You can also check the status of a referral at, but wait until you have that approval in hand before going to any appointments. 

    If you have Standard, sorry, I don't know how that works well enough to feel comfortable giving you advice. 

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  • thanks for the help! I want referred off because I was told that Beaumont uses midwives instead of doctors and that every time you go in you have a different midwife.  I want the same doctor throughout my pregnancy and for delivery.  I also live on the west side so it would be more convenient to go somewhere on this side of town rather than driving forty minuets for appointments. 
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