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Nursing Bras??

I am 32 weeks and I need nursing bras.  I just don't know when to buy them.  Can I buy them now?  My breasts have not really gotten bigger yet.  I know they will when my milk comes in.  So, do I buy them a size bigger.  Or do I just wait till I'm closer to 40 weeks? 

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Re: Nursing Bras??

  • Our nursing instructor suggested waiting as your size will change once milk comes in.  She also suggested Yes Nursing Bras.
  • I was told with DD to shop for them four weeks before my due date, and go up one cup size.  I did just that, and they fit perfectly!  I'm still wearing them (although DD hardly nurses anymore, and my boobs aren't filling it out like they used to)! 

    I am actually sad because I have the same type of bra in nude and white, and have been really wanting to get another one, but in black as well.  I went into JCP the other day to look for it, and couldn't find that particular bra.  So, I went home and checked online... and I think they are discontinuing it!!  Sad  So now I'm in search of a new nursing bra that can live up to my older ones!

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  • I am barely an A cup when not pregnant and when I am pregnant and nursing I am a full A so for me, finding bras is very difficult


  • With DS, I went up a size during pregnancy, and two sizes initially when nursing. I have a couple from last time, but I think they're going to be small. I might buy one or two ahead of time, or else just stick to nursing tanks until the milk comes in and I see what size I settle into.

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  • I bought a few and hated them!  I prefered the nursing tanks that GAP or Target carries which has shelf support.  This way I could wear anything over and if I had to pull shirt up my belly wasn't hanging out.  I am not a large chested person though and sometimes wondered if I was getting enough support.  GL
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  • Ditto PP that I wore mostly tanks and would say just get a couple tanks for the first week or two and then invest in bras when things even out.
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