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are u a pregnant police officer?

This is my first pregnancy. I am 10wks. I have no idea what to expect as far as being pregnant and still being on the streets. 

Is your duty belt killing your back?

How much longer do you plan on staying on patrol?

What is your departments policies for pregnant officers?

Is there a website or blog for pregnant officers? 

Re: are u a pregnant police officer?

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    I am a police officer also. I am 12 weeks and just told my department. My belt and vest were both beginning to be unbearable for me to wear for hours at a time, not to mention the standing and summer heat! Plus we got in to a fight with this drunk guy the other day, and my heart was pounding out of my chest afterwards. I was just so afraid of doing something to hurt my baby. 

    I put in for "light duty" which basically means I will be doing phones and paper work in the precinct for the next few months, which is fine with me!!!!

    I do not know if any blogs or websites, but that would be a great resource Im sure.  There are not too many of us out here probably Big Smile 

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    I hear you!! Thanks for your input. Very helpful!! My Lt. told me I should be good until 7mo....I told him he was insane!!! lol At 10 wks I'm already in maternity plain clothes. I'm already on duty belt number 2 and this vest...ugh. It's time!!

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    I am only 6 weeks but my gun belt is already killing me but I plan on going light duty after I hit 12 weeks. With my son, I went light duty at 8 weeks. Congrats !
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    with my first i went full light duty at 10 weeks. A few days ago only 6 weeks I have a partial restriction of no overtime.  The 16 hour days were killing me.  So far my gun belt has not started bothering me yet. Light duty for us is a doctors request not an officers's.  The longest I have seen is 16 weeks still wearing a gun belt.
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