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Old, old, old. Just feeling old (can you tell)?

Just a little vent here ladies.  I'm 38yo, and I'm just feeling down because of my age.  I'm wondering if my eggies are just too worn out to do this thing again.  Also, for me to even attempt to get pregnant, it seems like the moon and stars have to align, because every month we've tried so far we've either been cut short because someone is sick, or couldn't start trying until O time for the same reason.  And I really think that in order to have a good chance, we need to be able to DTD for a few days before O, as well as during.  It just seems like, for whatever reason, the stars never align for us.  Or maybe they do, and my eggies just can't do it.  Sigh.  Sorry to sound so depressing.  Thanks for letting me vent!


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Re: Old, old, old. Just feeling old (can you tell)?

  • If you're old then I'm freaking ancient! I know it can be easy to get down about the age thing, trust me. I was hellbound and determined to get pregnant before 40 but here I am with only one more cycle to make that happen. Just know the stars and moon can align, my first bfp was a complete surprise and DH and I only has sex once that entire month and I was 38.5. It's really not about how much you do it, it's really all about the timing. Keep your chin up and keep trying!
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    I'm here to tell you that you can do it. (and right now I envy your youth!)

    I got married 2 days before my 39th birthday and conceived our son less than a month before my 40th birthday on our 6th cycle TTC (I always wonder if it would have been sooner if I had known what I know now about charting and OPKs). 

    It is true that every body is different, but dhreczuck is right. Just keep trying!   

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  • I can totally relate to the timing frustrations. But I do hope you guys have some good luck with timing and stars aligning soon!!! I'll tell you what is getting old: trying!! Never thought it would take me 13+ months! 
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  • When I start to feel this way, I just sing Dory from Finding Nemo's inspirational hymn "Just Keep Swimming..."

    Hang in there!


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  • I can so relate to feeling old. I'm 38 and going to turn 39 next month. It'll also be our 12th month of trying. Around month 9 everything started to really hit me and I've been frustrated and cynical about TTC ever since. We had amazing timing this month so if we don't get a BFP between that and my birthday the next cycle is going to be horrible for me I think.

    Your eggs can do it though! Women older than us have babies everyday. :-)

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  • Ladies, thank you!  You all are so inspiring.  I guess you are right, people older than me do get pregnant all the time, so I guess we just have to keep our chins up.  I appreciate the support - I really needed to hear it today.  Thank you.



    Me - 38 DH - 38 DD - 2 pregnancy
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