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CRAZY CRAZY dreams...

Anyone else?

Last time with DD I had a few weird dreams here and there, but it seems like every other night I'm having such crazy dreams. The theme of these dreams are about me and DH cheating on one another in crazy situations. Totally unreal dreams, but it makes me wake up thinking "WTF!!" Lol.


Anyone else? Care to share?

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Re: CRAZY CRAZY dreams...

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    I have come to notice I have been dreaming a lot over the past week. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the increased sleep I've been getting.
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    I always have pretty vivid and "WTF" dreams, but I've been noticing that they've been getting more strange.

    I had a recent dream about FI's best girlfriend rollin' up on my man Joe Manganiello, who was our professor and a chaperone while we were in Europe...? It was all very Days Of Our Lives. 

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    I definitely have had crazy dreams. They are very vivid and in color. This is not abnormal for me, but dreams like having to shoot someone, my husband cheating with my best friend, etc. Insane dreams. I had been extremely sick and vomiting and my doctor put me on Zofran. It's so I don't get dehydrated basically. I figured it was just that medicine, but maybe I'm wrong..?.. :] lol
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    Last night I had a dream that my husband informed me the baby's due date had been moved up to September (from Valentine's Day)...somewhere my brain was like uhhh I don't think that's possible!


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