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Intro and my status of TTC

Hello everyone -

 I'm glad I found this board as I feel a bit more comfortable here due to the military aspect of things.  I'm Active Duty Army and my husband (DOD Civilian) and I just got married this past October.  We have been trying to get pregnant since then.  I stopped taking bc in September because I was bleeding and bleed for 2 weeks when I wasn't supposed to be bleeding.  OB said everything was fine.  Ended up having a period on my wedding (which was a week later) and then bleed again a couple weeks later (which happened to be the start of our honeymoon cruise...great timing).  Then my cycle length started to get longer and longer.  I thought I was pregnant multiple times but always got a BFN.  I have been in and out of the doctor's office so many times in the past year!  In the past 6 months I have gotten 3 periods.  The shortest cycle was at 48 days I believe, the next was 64 and then the last cycle lasted 70 days.  Dr has ordered FSH, LH, Thyroid test, Prolactin, etc.  Every hormone test and they are all coming back normal.  He thinks I might have PCOS and I just came back from my ultrasound in which I won't find out my results until Wednesday of next week.  He has put me on metformin to hopefully help things.  This is my 3rd week of metformin.  DH had a SA last week and everything came out good for him so that is a relief to at least know it lies all with me.

I have a daughter (previous relationship) who will turn 5 in August.  She was a complete surprise and I swear everything must have lined up for her since we only had sex a couple times and took plan B and I had just gotten off birth control a month and a half prior.  So I'm honestly really surprised at how much trouble I'm having now.

The kicker (and quite possibly the reasons why I'm not pregnant): I was supposed to deploy for 6 months in June and went through my medical checks and found a lump in my breast (non cancerous thankfully) but it turned out that it is something rare that will keep growing if not removed.  So I had surgery to remove the lump on the 25th of June.  I figured my deployment rotation would go to someone else (since they only send one person every six months...I'm at a joint command).  Well, they now want to deploy me in a month and this is where all the stress comes in!

I have a 6 month follow up with the surgeon in January and my terminal leave starts in March (since I will be getting out).  So they want to deploy me in September (1 month shy of the year mark before being treated for infertility which will start over since I will be gone).  6 month deployment has me returning in March!  So then I have to try and find a job and all of those stresses of getting out of the military right after deployment.  My daughter starts Kindergarten in August and I will deploy either right before that or right after and she struggled in pre-school and I'm worried about how she will do in Kindergarten (along with her preschool teacher) and to add me leaving will not help her out!  And I have no clue what is going on with me medically!

Sorry for the vent and the long post I just feel like no one really understands.  DH really wants kids but he is so nonchalant about all of it and all of the stresses (which I know doesn't help with the getting pregnant part) and I just feel defeated.  Thanks for letting me post!

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Re: Intro and my status of TTC

  • Wow, I can see why you're stressed. You have a lot going on. I know its hard not to but try not to stress as much. I'm not a doctor so I really don't know the reasoning behind what your going through but I do know that stress will through you MC out of wack. I'm sorry you are having such a hard time and I will keep you in my prayers.
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  • Thank you so much.  Eventually I know we will find out something.  :-)  Just going to keep focusing on relaxing. 
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  • Has your husband been tested?
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  • Yes he has.  :-/  SA came back normal and he was told he is good.  I asked if they gave him any numbers or anything and he said no, just told him he is good and normal. 
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