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Is anyone NOT taking the childbirth class?

If so, why? All my family / friends say it's a waste of money. They say that everything you learn in that class the nurse will tell you to do anyway. We haven't signed up yet but will be this weekend if we do decide to take it. What are your thoughts? Did you take a lot from the class or do you too think it was a waste of time?


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Re: Is anyone NOT taking the childbirth class?

  • Were not taking it,  I bought "Birth Class in a Box" on Amazon and we have been watching the DVD's and asking questions at the DR appointments.
  • We are not taking the traditional childbirth class that our hospital offers. We are doing a self paced online class. Honestly, I think it is  a waste of money. They take you through the stages of labor, what to expect at each stage. They go through the different pain relief options a couple other things but nothing that I haven't heard before on here, in the books or all over the internet. I see this the same as I see birth have no idea how your labor is going to go and with whatever happens, your nurse, OB, midwife..whoever is going to guide you through it anyways.

     We did take a newborn care class in the hospital last weekend that I thought was fabulous.  That is a class that I think all FTM's should take!

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  • We aren't taking one.  We have heard the same thing, that they are a waste of time.  I was starting to think that maybe we should just do it so that we can look back and say we did but I think everything will be fine.
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  • However the Couples Breastfeedeing class and Infant Care 101 was AWESOME!  We are also planning on taking Infant CPR in two weeks
  • My doc has acted weird that we haven't take one, but I got similar advice that it was a bit of a waste as much of the info can be found online (like the BabyCenter online course), that often other classmates behave immaturely, that you'll end up winging it when you get to the hospital anyway, and the few questions I've had, the doctor answered.
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  • Not taking it - I thought it was a part of the package deal with the OBGYN - turns out it isn't, and I've got as much on my plate as I can handle right now.  Women have been doing this since the beginning of time.  I think we'll be okay.  :)
  • imagetriciaand:
    Not taking it - I thought it was a part of the package deal with the OBGYN - turns out it isn't, and I've got as much on my plate as I can handle right now.  Women have been doing this since the beginning of time.  I think we'll be okay.  :)



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  • I am not taking one. I have read enough and been in a few delivery rooms. I am very short tempered and had a hard enough time dealing with the stupid during my hospital tour. I am making DH watch a few videos so he feels more prepared, but I can't imagine getting much out of the class I can't get from elsewhere.

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  • It really overwhelms me to think about taking an 8 hour class one Saturday.  We don't have time.  I am getting some DVDs.  Hopefully I will get skooled, ha.
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  • I didn't take any classes with my first pregnancy, and I don't plan on it this time either. I've watched so many programs, researched so much online, read a number of different books, and spent so much time on thebump that really, what are they going to teach me? Not saying it's a waste of time, and it is probably a fun and enjoyable experience for first time parents especially, but I personally am not doing it.
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  • Nope,  not doing it.  We're doing a tour of the hospital tonight and took a bringing baby home class that covered bathing, BF as well as some baby massage techniques. 

    Your body is designed for labor and you have a fully trained medical staff there.  Unless you want to watch the videos and know all the gory details, I don't see the point in taking a class.  The less I know about all of the horror that's going to happen below the sheet, the better. 

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  • My mother and sister think it's a waste of money too. I did want to take a class, but the only one available at the hospital starts on the 4th of Sept and runs every Thursday from 7-9:30pm, which is inconvenient for us. So I'm not sure if I want to go through the trouble of finding one somewhere else.

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  • rsp247rsp247 member
    I found a free one in my area that is actually being given through the pediatric office. It's on a Sunday from like 10-3 and they are providing lunch. I figured since it is free I might as well take it but it was more so because the second half of the class you get to meet with a lactation nurse and the pediatricians from the office.  
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  • we are taking tour, but not a class.  I don't really feel like sitting through a class and am afraid it might freak me out.  Plus I have heard that they aren't that helpful.
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  • MrsW80MrsW80 member
    I took a cpr and an infant care class for DS1. The cpr was a good one but the infant care was a waste. It was a lot of common sense stuff and thats true....the nurses do pretty much show you the necessities and the rest you will learn as you go. Totally mot necessary imo
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  • I did not with DD1 and am not with DD2.

    I was my BFF's birthing coach at the age of 19, am a pharmacy technician so have first aid/cpr including for disabled and infants under my belt (which by the way I have used 2 times with DD1 for choking!!), and know enough about birth from the first round that I just don't feel sitting around in a stuffy classroom is necessary.

    I do recommend a CPR/First aid for anyone who does not have it though... seeing your 2 year old choke on a strawberry is the most frightening thing and knowing that you know what to do to save her life is indispensable. I have a happy healthy 4 year old because I knew what to do.

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  • I'm not. We were interested in the Bradley classes, but they're too expensive, too far away, and DH couldn't attend a lot of them. So instead, I'm reading the Bradley Method books and calling it good.
  • I didn't for #1 (and ended up with c-section anyway) and will not be for #2 since I don't have the time (I hope to VBAC though so it will be a new experience).

    We did try to register for the class for our first but it was cancelled for some reason.  

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