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Update on us- met exh's gf, still dealing with his attitude, more...

Hi again everyone!  I hate that I can't post from my iphone, but I have been reading.  My new dd is 7 weeks old now and I am starting to feel normal again (finally).  She is turning into more of a human now as opposed to an eating pooping blob, so that is always fun and makes it easier!  She slept through the night once, never again- but it makes it that much harder now, since I know she can do it!  Oh well, taking it one day at a time.

Met exh's girlfriend for an extended period of time at a function for my dc8.  It was very interesting... exh had to leave to pick up dc, so she was alone with us for a long time and very chatty.  She is very nice and I am very happy that she is in dc's life and dc likes her so much.  She is still married though, I found out (!) and they have been dating for at least 9 months at this point.  Oh well, I will not judge, she is a nice girl and I am grateful for that.  I think she has no clue about the legal battles btwn exh and I based on how nice, open and honest she was with us.  I always wondered how much he tells her. 

Exh and I have been getting along ok... he is still pulling his same passive aggressive stuff, but I just ignore it now.  DH has said he is amazed at how calm I stay when I am on the phone with him and he is blowing up on me.  It has been working and we have been able to compromise on some things outside the court system.   I feel stronger after having dealt with him now, so this is really progress.  Maybe I just needed to get rid of those pregnancy hormones.  I know some will say I should hang up with him when he gets like that, but I have found if I stay rational and calm and I talk him through it and then we can come to a compromise.  It is working for me right now.

The weird thing is that exh has not said anything about my new dd or has even looked at her.  The first time he came over after she was born, I was holding her on the outside porch... and he just ignored her!  It did not bother me but I thought it was odd... if he had a child I would say something about it- it's the polite thing to do, esp since it is dc's sibling.  Just a little odd. 

Anyway, I just wanted to check in because I miss posting more regularly but I am still lurking!  Hope you are all having a good summer.

Re: Update on us- met exh's gf, still dealing with his attitude, more...

  • Glad to hear you have found a way to keep calm and sane when dealing with him!  It only gets easier as you get more used to it.  Congrats on the baby!
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    I think that your ex has not moved on.  The fact that he has been dating this woman for 9 months and is still so difficult with you....and the fact that he ignores your new baby....just wierd.

    Your post reminded me of what we used to say when one of the jerky or difficult guys in the fraternity was dating someone nice.  We'd say "Mary is such a nice girl......" (the end of the sentence a silent "what is she doing with him?!?!?!"). 

    I'm glad that she is nice, since she is around your ds, and that she seems normal enough to talk with you.

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  • Glad you are feeling strong and your new baby is doing well!

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  • I'm glad to hear everything is going well! I have to say though, your LO has slept through the night once in 7 weeks and mine has once in 8 months, so you suck. lolI envy you.
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