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Thoughts on Exercise and Restrictions?

Hi ladies what have your doctors been telling you about exercise and heartrate?  My doctor told me to continue my normal routine but to watch intensity and my heartrate (i do crossfit) he told me to keep my heartrate below 140 - it just seems so low? Today in my warm up i lightly jogged 400 meters and i checked my heartrate (i bought a HR watch from best buy) and i was already at 152 for my HR! I wasnt very out of breath though...ill talk to my doctor when i go monday but i was wondering what you all are doing? 

 I am 12 weeks 2 days and i havent gained any weight yet (however online calculators tell me at 5'7 160lbs i am overweight and should onky gain 15-25) not that i am going crazy over this i just tend to get out of shape quick when i slack on my routine.  Thanks ladies



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Re: Thoughts on Exercise and Restrictions?

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    I was told to keep it under 150, I walk/jog.  I get my hr up as high as 160 then I walk.  It seems like such a contradiction to me, "don't add anything new, just do what you have done" but if you do what you have done your HR is obviously going t be above 140. Therefor I try to find a happy medium, if you are breathing and getting enough oxygen i don't see why it would be a problem. 
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    My DR didn't say anything specifically about heart rate, but to listen to my body and keep up what I was doing. I run/jog with my DH a few times a week. When I start to feel tired or out of breath, we walk for a minute or two. I did a 5K a few weeks ago, and have another one planned for the end of August. I'm just taking it steady, but I feel so good when I exercise!
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    The heart rate information is long outdated (and was never based on good science anyway - it was essentially a guess).  If you search Google Scholar, there are some more updated papers now on pregnancy and exercise, with most of them concluding that the issue is that most women do not get enough.

    My OB said it's absolutely fine to carry on with all my running, biking and weights as normal, and to just take breaks as necessary - just common sense, really.  Obviously that advice would be different for someone experiencing any sort of cramping or bleeding, but I'm looking forward to a 10K in September, though I will be much slower than usual - I've never been speedy as such, but at the moment, I'm really slow!

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    I was a runner before, so mine told me as long as I can still say a full sentence, keep going. I wear a HR monitor and for me, if I am just below 170, I can still say a full sentence.170 is my "slow it down" cue. It all depends on you personally. I have run less miles and at a slower pace than normal. I also do prenatal yoga and a prenatal weight program.
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    I do cross training a few times a week, spin 2x a week, and take yoga 2x a week. I've been watching my heart rate and have lowered the intensity of my spinning workouts but I'm not sweating in them any more. So I gave up last night and decided that I've been spinning for 10 years and my body is used to it. So I checked my heart rate but worked out as I would normally. The highest my heart rate went was 160 and I could still talk, so I'm going to go with the talk point from here on in. I hate not feeling like I've worked out when I'm at the gym! For yoga, I'm going to ask my instructor on Friday if I can continue in her class until the end with appropriate modifications (which she's already started on a low key level so no one in the class knows) or if I'll need to switch to a prenatal class. 
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    My doctor hasn't mentioned anything to me about keeping my heart rate under a certain number. I was running before I got my BFP, but that's they only thing I have changed. I was getting winded after mile 1 and felt like a loser lol. I usually do the elliptical or the stationary bike. I don't feel like I get as good of a workout as I did with running, but it's still exercise. I also do yoga once a week and strength training once a week. So far I have gained about 3 lbs.
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    The NP I saw at my first appt said not to worry about heart rate, and focus on how I feel. If you can speak a full sentence while working out you're fine. If you're getting really out of breath or feel your heart racing take a break.

    I'm still running 14-20 miles a week and baby seems to be doing just fine. I just take a walk break if I start getting out of breath.  

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    Suz+MoSuz+Mo member

    My doc said that I should be able to speak in full sentences while exercising, to stop if there is any pain and to focus on hydrating more than usual because staying hydrated is super important to avoid overheating.

    My doc recommended that I don't do a lot of lifting anymore.  She said body weight exercises were okay (lunges, push ups, pull ups, maybe some resistance band exercises)  but no lifting heavy weights. But I dont know if that's because of my spotting/bleeding or just a general rule for all of her pregnant patients.



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    I asked my RE this and he said to keep it under 165, he did some formula, but I forgot what it was. I spoke to my OB about this and she said around 160, but that just to stay hydrated make sure i am not winded etc. I definitely cut my workouts back, no more bootcamp and running. The reason why I stopped running is that although I could run 5-6 miles before getting pregnant I did not do it regularly and only ran about once a week. Otherwise, I do weights, zumba, eliptical etc. 
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    I spoke to my midwife yesterday and she too had the "should be able to carry on a conversation" recommendation. My RE told me (no joke) to take walks in the park. No lifting, running, spinning. I had slight cramping and mild spotting but that was very early and nothing since. He also wasn't keen on my riding horses but I'm mainly trail riding so nothing high-impact.

    I have not consulted google but my midwife said that when your heart rate is elevated towards your max (220-your age), your body diverts blood supply to only "essential" organs, of which your uterus is not one. Too much too intense exercise would therefore not be good. I realize there are many different schools of thought on this and commend you ladies with enough energy to exercise at all! 

    I've been running in the pool and plan to take prenatal yoga and maybe jump on the elliptical or do a casual bike ride if I'm up for it. 

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