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anyone in naples area?

I'm new to this area and wondering if anyone is familiar with nch north as far as l&d. I feel pretty confident with my doc, but this is my first, so I was hoping for some feedback. TIA!

Re: anyone in naples area?

  • Hi there, Misha. I live in Naples... I'm new to the area also (just moved here in October). I have heard nothing but great things about NCH. Their birthing center is supposed to be top notch. They offer new parenting classes, breast feeding classes, etc. The NCH Health and Wellness Center also offers a prenatal yoga class (you don't have to be a member). It costs about $2 per class...another great perk!
  • I have lived in this area for a while. I have 2 nieces and a nephew that were born at North Collier Hospital and my aunt is an Delivery CNA. It is a great hospital. Clean rooms, friendly staff, and my sister in laws have only positive things to say about delivering there. 
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