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In home child care costs

I am currently trying to find in home child care for our baby. I am due in November and childcare wouldn't start until mid January. I have found that people charge any where from $22.00 to $45.00 per day for one infant. I live in a small town of 35,000.

I plan on providing all supplies. Does $35.00 seem too high, cheap? It would only be 3 days a week and I am asking a stay at home mom of 2 to watch our baby.

Any advice, guidance, direction would be appreciated!

Re: In home child care costs

  • I live in the Chattanooga suburbs (my town has about 13,000 people) and one of my close friends runs an in-home daycare, with her usual load being about 6-8 kids, two of which are her own. She charges $25/day and thats for any age child, part time or full time, and she's the lowest cost care I've heard of around here. So, $35 seems pretty reasonable for a larger town than ours.

     Some places charge you extra if you only plan on having your LO there a few days a week, instead of full time (doesnt make sense to me) and some places charge an extra fee for infants, because they're more work. 

    Good luck in your search for quality child care! 

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